Dosi Meter

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Ashka Inc supplies distinctive electronic dosimeters that are superior to competitors' products. Some of the qualities are:

  • High reliability with ease and convenience for the user
  • Small size and efficiency-one battery set will allow for an entire year of continuous operation
  • Ability to set the dose and dose rate alarm thresholds to guarantee accurate and timely alerts regarding the potential danger of being irradiated
  • Capacity to store the measurement results in the dosimeter memory and to transmit the information to a PC through the IR channel
  • Multifunctional capabilities and state-of-the-art design.

Our electronic dosimeters can be used by everyone, from specialists to the general public and are meant to be used by anyone who is concerned about radiation safety issues.

Right from 0-200mR range uptill 0-600R range and Gamma and x-ray from 16 keV to 6 MeV, Ashkainc can supply you all that you require under one roof in Indian Currency from stock.

As Ashka Inc has always believed in being at the forefront of technology, Ashka also provides the latest in Personal electronic dosimeters and chargers, one of the important features being inbuilt alarm systems which detect the radiation levels and alert the user.

What goes in our Dosimeters?

Liquid crystal polymer used to produce the embodiment of the dosimeter that has vapor barrier protection ten times greater than saran; this is the material that our manufacturing unit uses to produce the insulator (electrometer).

The formulation of this electrometer was developed by the Federal emergency management agency in conjunction with the greatest nuclear minds from the department of defense. This material gives Ashka Inc supplied dosimeter its unique properties and makes it impervious to heavy radiation damage.

All Ashka Inc dosimeter are subjected to heavy radiation dose (15000 R) during manufacturing and the result is that the end product displays no signs of radiation damage. Try subjecting the metal dosimeter to this type of radiation dose and sees what happens. Direct reading dosimeter as we plan to be around for a long time and we will service and warranty our product.