About us

Ashka Inc., senior management has closely worked, interacted directly with Swagelok group of companies in Cleveland, Ohio � USA. successfully worlds largest order was catered, after testing etc by our senior executive. For approximately 35 years, we have also supplied Multi-Million fittings, valves and other goods. Duly vigorously tested in the delicate testing facilities at their Kenmore plant under the supervision, recommendation of our senior executive. Therefore Ashka Inc. has a very vast knowledge on the instrumentation fittings line.

Tuthill, Hansen quick connect coupling division in Cleaved has been mediated trough our executives for nearly 35 years. The Product was manufactured under the recommendations of Ashka executives and successfully supplied to key industries, which include Atomic/Nuclear, Space, GTRE etc.

We have a mastery in Ball Screws, Single, double start, clutches, brakes all manufactured by Warner Electric at Stuttgart Germany where our senior executive have interacted directly with the manufacturers, have designed, assisted for nuclear supply.

ARMCO at Baltimore � USA � coordinated, multi million dollar supply to Nuclear via MMTC � 17-4PH, 13/8 and other bars.

Wakesha bars from USA were also supplied under eminent guidance of our senior executive to the Nuclear industry.

Ashka's strengths are more than three decades of experience with sourcing and networking through strategic alliance with leaders in industries and technology driven companies with dedicated human resources as our strength. We are well established and experienced in meeting your special requirement with quality assurance. Our network will supply you any product at a most competitive price and a fastest delivery period.

At Ashka Inc. , we actualize customer satisfaction by: -

  • Customization: Understanding our customers & providing significant value addition by customizing our products to suit their needs.
  • Customer Service: Our sales team is in constant touch with the customer, endeavoring to provide total customer satisfaction.

Our vision

At Ashka Inc. our aim is to become the benchmark setters in the industry, providing standard as well as tailor-made products to customer requirement.

Our value

Our Value Our mode of operation, low overhead and aggressive pricing mindset all combine to bring you industry-leading performance at reasonable and highly competitive cost.